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Quick-thinking wife manages to save her husband from wild elephant attack

A woman’s spontaneous reaction saved a rubber tapper in Bueng Kan province from being killed by a wild elephant late on Sunday.

The woman managed to drive way the elephant by screaming and banging together objects before the animal could stomp her husband, Supat Klonsalab, 33, to death.

Supat is currently being treated in hospital for injuries that are not too severe.

His wife Primanee Chairat, 37, told reporters that the pachyderm took her husband by surprise, adding that the area was not an elephant habitat.

She said when she found the elephant stomping on her husband, she quickly grabbed some objects and banged them together to make a noise and scare the animal way.

Taweep Khamphaengmuang, chief of Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, offered the couple gifts and some funds to cover Supat’s medical bill.

He also apologised for the accident and said elephants sometimes ventured out of the sanctuary to find food. He said people should place bright lights around the perimeter of their property or burn chillies to drive them away.

Published : December 01, 2020

By : The Nation