Sat, August 13, 2022


Villagers in Surin protest over unusable pipeline

Locals in a subdistrict of Surin province are protesting on Monday about a pipeline system that has not been usable for over five years.

The protesters were locals from Ban Na Hung village in Nongkhwao subdistrict. They urged the media to spotlight the problem in their village, as well as three others.
Monchai Tiankot, Ban Na Hung chief, explained that the pipeline system in the villages had been unserviceable since their construction.
He added that the construction was not in keeping with the plan. The water tank installed in an area of Nong Lek village was smaller than what the blueprint specified. Its diameter was only 3.2 metres, instead of 5 metres as was planned.
Also, the pipeline in Ban Na Hung and Na Kae villages had not been laid underground as was specified. Monchai said that placing the pipes on the ground was risky as they could be damaged by cars running over them.

Published : December 14, 2020