Saturday, June 12, 2021


No Covid-19 patient visited store, The Mall Bang Kae clarifies

The Mall Group on Thursday updated that no Covid-19 patient had visited the Mall Bang Kae department store recently, clearing the way for DTAC and iCare shops to open as usual on December 24 and 25.




On Wednesday, The Mall Group had announced that three shops in two branches of The Mall – Bang Kae and Bang Kapi – were ordered to close and disinfect, after it was suspected that Covid-19 patients might have visited the outlets recently.


The Mall Bang Khae on Wednesday told the DTAC and iCare shops to suspend their services until Friday. The staff of each shop were told to be quarantined.


A similar case took place at the Yum Saap restaurant at The Mall Bang Kapi. A patient who was confirmed as the first Covid-19 case in Samut Songkhram province had earlier visited the restaurant for a meal.


Late afternoon on Thursday, The Mall Group mentioned on its Facebook page that it was now confirmed no Covid-19 patient had visited the Bang Kapi branch recently. Therefore, the DTAC and iCare shops could open as usual on Thursday and Friday.


The new announcement added that the shops had been disinfected before opening.


The Mall Group did not say when the Covid-19 patient had visited the Bang Kapi branch.


Published : December 25, 2020