Myanmar man’s pilot fantasy doesn’t fly


Suvarnabhumi Airport issued a statement on Thursday saying the story of a Myanmar national trying to pass himself off as a pilot at the airport was true and that the suspect has been sentenced to eight months in jail for the offence.

Suthirawat Suwanawat, the airport’s general manager, said the suspect called Ye Min Thu was also prosecuted on Tuesday for overstay.

The man apparently had dressed like a pilot and tried to use a fake pilot ID to enter the domestic passenger area.

Guards, however, were unconvinced and sent him to the airport’s police station. Upon interrogation, police found out that the man had told his family and girlfriend that he was a pilot, when in reality he is only an aviation student.

Ye Min Thu lives in a condo in Bangkok’s Hua Mark area, and has not applied for a visa extension since the beginning of this year.

The pretend pilot has been charged for trespassing and overstay, and hit with a jail sentence of eight months.