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Woman not to pursue further legal action against Norwegian after cart incident

A woman who was beaten by a Norwegian man at a supermarket in Ubon Ratchathani province eventually reconciled with him on Wednesday.

On December 26, the 26-year-old woman accidentally wheeled away a cart belonging to the 54-year-old Norwegian, who thought she was stealing his belongings and kicked her from behind. She thought the cart belonged to her mother, who had left a few minutes earlier to go out to her car.

The woman tried to apologise for the mistake but the man kicked her a couple of times more. He then followed her around and she decided to run back to her car.

When the man left, she was able to capture a picture of his car’s licence plate.

He was later summoned to a police station in Warinchamrab district and told the police that he thought she was stealing his belongings.

The Norwegian paid a Bt500 fine and some more money to meet the woman’s medical expenses. She subsequently decided not to pursue further legal action against him.

Published : December 30, 2020

By : The Nation