Tue, November 30, 2021


SSO hikes antenatal care allowance from January 1

The Social Security Office (SSO) has increased the antenatal care allowance for visits to an obstetrician to up to five times from the current three times, along with a hike in the amount for each visit.

SSO secretary-general Thossaphol Kritwongwiman said the allowance would be increased to Bt1,500 for each visit to an obstetrician.

The current allowance is Bt1,000 for up to three visits.

The details of the payment are as follows:

- Bt500 allowance for a visit to an obstetrician before 12 weeks of pregnancy

- Bt300 allowance for a visit during 12th-20th week

- Bt300 allowance for a visit during 21st-28th week

- Bt200 allowance for a visit during 29th-32nd week

- Bt200 allowance for a visit after 32nd week

“The SSO will also increase the child birthing allowance from Bt13,000 to Bt15,000,” he said.

“Insured persons can get this allowance every time they have a child, but maternal leave compensation at 50 per cent of daily wages for a maximum of 90 days can be obtained for only two childbirths.”

Maternal leave compensation will not be available for insured females who do not have a marriage certificate, or for insured males whose wives are not insured under the social security scheme. They will receive only Bt15,000 child birthing allowance.

The new rate will be effective from January 1. For further information, contact Call Centre 1506 or visit http://www.sso.go.th

Published : January 02, 2021