Friday, September 17, 2021


People want police to tackle narcotics problem: poll

Most of the respondents of a Super Poll opinion survey want police officers to tackle the narcotics problem as soon as possible.



Noppadon Kannika, Super Poll Research Centre director, said the survey was conducted between January 10 and 15 with 1,675 respondents nationwide.

When asked which problems the police should tackle immediately (multiple choice):

91.8 per cent said narcotics;

87.8 per cent said gambling dens;

87.3 per cent said illegal migrant workers;

86.1 per cent said online crimes;

85.3 per cent said human trafficking.

When asked about reasons to reform the police force:

98.0 per cent said there were many problems, such as inequality in the judiciary system, gambling dens, illegal migrant workers and narcotics;

2.0 per cent did not respond.

When asked about ways to reform the police (multiple choice):

98.9 per cent said police should investigate corruption among its officers;

98.7 per cent said the prime minister should seek commanders who are ready to reform the police;

98.3 per cent said the police should allow citizens to participate in the reform;

95.8 per cent said the prime minister should initiate reform of police.

When asked about respondents' confidence in the prime minister's move to reform the police:

96.2 per cent said they had confidence;

3.8 per cent said they had no confidence.

When asked if the Covid-19 crisis was the best time for the prime minister to reform the police:

98.6 per cent said they agreed;

1.4 per cent said they did not agree.

Published : January 17, 2021

By : The Nation