Sat, October 16, 2021


Teens caught stealing by CCTV surrender to police

Four teenagers who had allegedly stolen a pair of shoes and made a mocking gesture at a CCTV camera were brought to police by their parents after video footage of their actions went viral recently.


On January 10, the teenagers visited an apartment where their friend lived, in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakarn province.
They saw the shoes an owner had placed outside his room and allegedly stole them, without realising that their actions were recorded by a CCTV camera.


The video footage of the theft was later uploaded online. Fearing that they will be arrested, the four teenagers, wearing helmets, returned to the apartment and placed the stolen shoes back outside the owner’s room. This action took place on January 15.


However, before leaving, the teenagers made a mocking gesture before the camera. Again, the CCTV footage was released online and went viral.


On Friday, the teenagers’ parents took them to Bang Phli Police Station. They were all male and aged between 15 to 17. They were charged with stealing at night.

Published : January 23, 2021