Tue, October 26, 2021


A 7-year-old's mischief was too much for a man, 30, so he killed the boy

The alleged murderer of a seven-year-old boy in Chiang Rai province was arrested at midnight and he has reportedly confessed to killing the boy because he could not tolerate his mischief.


Hunt for the suspect had begun the previous Saturday, when the boy, Thanachot Pangruean, went missing from his house. The following day his dead body was found with a hoe and two large pieces of wood nearby.


The alleged murderer was identified as Sinchai Kasetsophaphan, aged around 30. The suspect, who lived with his brother, had left the house on Monday. The house of the victim is around 150 metres from the house of the suspect's brother.


On Friday night, locals saw him returning to the village he had left, so they alerted police.


At Wiang Chiang Rung Police Station, Sinchai confessed that he had killed the boy to avenge his naughty behaviour.


The man said that Thanachot had annoyed him several times. The boy had allegedly torn his mattress, broken his toy cars, and even eaten his dragon fruit.


On January 16, he said he had asked the boy to shoot birds with a catapult. However, Thanachot was unskilled and shot him.


In rage, Sinchai asked the boy to stand still. He found a hoe and pieces of wood nearby, and using them he killed the boy.


Published : January 23, 2021