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IT, digital-related jobs best paying this year, JobsDB survey shows

Asia’s leading job search platform JobsDB recently released its Salary Report 2021 identifying the highest and lowest paying jobs by category.

With more people working at home due to Covid-19 related restrictions, companies have been adapting themselves to the changing environment to keep their businesses running.

Accordingly, the nature of demand in the job market has undergone a huge change, with a drastic salary increase in specific areas to attract talent.

The recent report shows that the highest paying officer-level jobs are in the IT industry, followed by those in professional services and telecommunication-related areas. At supervisor-level, e-commerce ranks highest, followed by telecommunications and IT. The top three highest-paying jobs at the manager level include insurance, IT and banking respectively.

At the top level, the highest paying fields are professional services, followed by e-commerce and banking.

The JobsDB’s salary report also shows that several sectors are likely to make a comeback with IT professionals being in the highest demand.

Pornladda Dathratwibul, JobsDB country manager, said the platform conducted a salary survey for 2021, which covers the levels of officer, supervisor, manager and top executive.

The highest and lowest paying jobs by category are as follows:

Officer level

• Information technology: Bt23,225-Bt41,122

• Professional services: Bt22,872-Bt39,331

• Telecommunication: Bt22,785-Bt38,612

• Medical services: Bt21,945-Bt37,320

• E-Commerce: Bt21,599-Bt35,283

• Engineering: Bt21,406-Bt35,571

• Banking: Bt21,036-Bt37,623

• Insurance: Bt21,025-Bt34,860

• Merchandising and purchasing: Bt20,829-Bt33,442

• Marketing and public relations: Bt20,524-Bt32,589

Supervisor level

• E-Commerce: Bt36,857-Bt64,787

• Telecommunication: Bt36,541-Bt67,134

• Information technology: Bt36,522-Bt66,920

• Professional services: Bt35,962-Bt63,888

• Insurance: Bt35,802-Bt63,790

• Accounting: Bt35,252-Bt58,403

• Banking: Bt35,124-Bt64,460

• Transportation and Logistics: Bt35,049-Bt55,624

• Marketing and public relations: Bt35,037-Bt59,943

• Administration and human resources: Bt34,919-Bt56,372

Manager level

• Insurance: Bt55,762-Bt90,716

• Information technology: Bt54,435-Bt93,324

• Banking: Bt52,993-Bt94,481

• Telecommunication: Bt52,353-Bt94,607

• Professional services: Bt52,274-Bt90,941

• Accounting: Bt52,061-Bt86,158

• Administration and human resources: Bt51,803-Bt85,079

• Science, lab and R&D: Bt51,615-Bt88,427

• Transportation and logistics: Bt51,302-Bt80,680

• Engineering: Bt51,237-Bt84,776

Top executive

• Professional services: Bt113,563-Bt164,071

• E-commerce: Bt113,271-Bt161,588

• Banking: Bt112,917-Bt165,114

• Science, lab and R&D: Bt109,726-Bt160,753

• Manufacturing: Bt109,566-Bt161,045

• Medical service: Bt106,630-Bt158,478

• Information technology: Bt105,135-Bt160,033

• Accounting: Bt104,978-Bt159,970

• Admin and HR: Bt104,714-Bt156,134

• Engineering: Bt102,298-Bt153,763

Starting salaries for IT and digital-related jobs have risen at all levels against the same period in 2019. This signifies market demand for transformation as a result of digital disruption.

In this scenario, there are two more categories to watch out: telecom and banking.

This demonstrates growth potential after banks have started focusing on digital banking services, which has also resulted in a rising demand for IT and analytics professionals who can drive new digital banking product development.

For telecom-related positions, it is found that not only larger organisations offer highly competitive salaries, but so do small and medium companies looking for talent who can help develop infrastructure needed to meet digital technology requirements and applications in the economic sector. The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak requires organisations to adjust to the new normal and shift to digital platforms.

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Published : February 08, 2021

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