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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Cross-border trade with Myanmar via Ranong looking up

Cross-border trade with Myanmar via Ranong looking up

SUNDAY, February 14, 2021
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Thai-Myanmar border trade through Ranong province in January 2021 grew by 3.94 per cent in value compared to the previous month, with Thai exports increasing by 6.12 per cent, Wanida Arunothai, chief of Ranong Provincial Commercial Office under the Ministry of Commerce, revealed.

The main exports were fuel, lubricants, cement and components used for machinery among others, while imports increased by 0.33 per cent.

Teerapol Chalisaraphong, chairman of the Ranong Province Chamber of Commerce, said that Thai-Myanmar border trade in Ranong was robust despite a new wave of Covid-19 and Myanmar's internal political problems.

In the beginning, many were concerned that it would affect the economy and border trade, but the situation is still normal without any change, he said.

Myanmar orders for cement and fuel products were more than usual due to the dry season, when transportation is not affected by rain. Increase in orders was likely to stock up well before the rainy season and infrastructure development in Myanmar, he said, adding, orders for essential consumer products had also gone up. This may be due to the fear of Covid-19 spreading.

However, regulatory restrictions on border trade due to Covid-19 have contributed to an overall decline in border trade. The problem at this time is transportation and export process from the coast of Ranong that involves more regulations, resulting in a delays in approval to access the port.