Thu, October 28, 2021


Two volunteer soldiers killed, one injured in suspected insurgent attack in Narathiwat

Ra Ngae Police Station was alerted to a fatal bombing and gunfight incident between patrolling soldiers and suspected insurgents in Narathiwat province at 6.50am on Thursday.

At the scene of the attack in Bor Ngor subdistrict -- a forest behind a rubber plantation -- police found the bodies of two dead officers, namely Bahari Marusa and Sornram Ratcharak, of the Army’s volunteer scouting units, and one officer, Tiwakorn Boonsaen, who suffered a minor injury. They were sent to Ra Ngae Hospital for autopsy and treatment.

Officers of the scouting unit told police that they were sleeping in tents after patrolling the areas when an unknown number of insurgents threw pipe bombs into one of the tents, and after an explosion they fired at the tent with automatic weapons and fled the scene, resulting in deaths of the two officers and one getting injured.

Police found four unexploded pipe bombs and 30 bullet casings of M-16 assault rifle. The scouting unit also reported that one shotgun and two AK-47 rifles were missing and speculated that the insurgents must have stolen them during the attack.

Officials are searching the areas for clues about the suspected insurgents, but have yet to find anything.

Published : February 26, 2021