Sun, October 17, 2021


Govt must listen to pro-democracy protesters, survey says

A recent Suan Dusit opinion poll on living “amidst anti-government protests” revealed that most people believe the government and pro-democracy protesters should accept one another.

The survey, conducted between March 1 and 5, involved 1,147 respondents who have an interest in politics.

Their answers were as follows:

Sources for information on the protest:

Television: 70.04%

Facebook: 65.33%

Live broadcasts: 37.29%

Word of mouth: 36.33%

Websites: 31%

Thoughts on the anti-government movement:

Different from the past: 55.33%

More young people fighting for democracy: 50.61%

Constitution guarantees right to hold protests: 49.04%

More frequent clashes between protesters and police: 48.43%

Situation worsened by presence of third parties: 47.9%

Government’s move to tackle protesters:

Focus on intercepting protests/arresting leaders: 51.41%

Using violent measures: 50.35%

Moves to control the situation: 48.94%

Ignoring protesters’ demands: 46.92%

Authorities only trying to maintain peace: 41.11%

How best to resolve the situation:

Both sides should come to an understanding: 50.07%

Government must pay attention to protesters’ demands: 13.67%

PM must resign, charter amended, Parliament dissolved: 10.79%

Rallies must be peaceful and held under the law: 9.64%

Both sides must seek solutions together: 5.04%

Views on pro-democracy protests:

Disagree: 27.3%

Almost agree: 25.2%

Almost disagree: 23.98%

Agree: 23.19%

Government’s moves to tackle protests:

Disagree: 39.49%

Almost agree: 28.6%

Almost disagree: 23.63%

Agree: 8.28%

Assoc Prof Anchalee Ratana, a lecturer at Suan Dusit University’s School of Law and Politics, said the government's moves to disperse pro-democracy rallies were unacceptable under universal principles because holding protests is part of one’s constitutional rights.

“The government should allow protesters to express themselves to find a solution together. Protesters should also improve their behaviour to protect themselves and maintain their rights under the Constitution,” she said.

Published : March 08, 2021

By : The Nation