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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
How not to get overheated

How not to get overheated

TUESDAY, March 09, 2021

With temperatures predicted to hit 40 degrees Celsius this summer, here is some advice on protecting yourself from heatstroke.

This condition is usually caused by the body overheating from prolonged exposure or physical exertion under the hot sun.

Symptoms include confusion, altered speech, nausea or vomiting, rapid breathing and palpitation.

Here are five ways you can protect yourself:

• Wear loose clothes

• Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply every two hours

• Drink plenty of fluids

• Avoid exercising or outdoor activities in the peak hours

• Take frequent showers during the day.

People should also be cautious of leaving children in cars or closed spaces.