Sat, October 23, 2021


Finance Ministry revising criteria for issue of state welfare cards

The Ministry of Finance estimates that the number of people registering for the state welfare card will rise due to the fallout of the Covid-19 situation.

The ministry is considering revising the criteria to efficiently screen those who are more deserving of the welfare scheme, a source revealed on Tuesday.

“Currently there are 13.7 million state welfare card holders, and the ministry expected the number of applicants to increase when the new round of registration opens soon,” said the source. “Most of the new applicants could be those who had become unemployed recently due to Covid-19. There could be those who had never registered before due to fear of getting audited, but now they may change their minds after seeing that state welfare card holders are entitled to several aid measures.”

The source added that the ministry was considering revising the criteria for state welfare card applicants, from having individual income not exceeding Bt100,000 per year to having average family income not exceeding Bt100,000 per person per year.

“This means that if a family has four members, they will be qualified only if the total income of all members does not exceed Bt400,000 per year,” the source added.

“This will help comb out those who do not truly deserve the benefits. For example, an unemployed wife who lives with a wealthy husband will no longer be qualified based on her individual income, as her husband’s income will be a factor as well.”

The source added that besides income, the ministry will also consider other assets of the applicants, such as savings in all bank accounts must not exceed Bt100,000; a house or townhouse must not exceed 25 square wah or 35 square metres for an apartment; land for agricultural use must not exceed 10 rai (1.6 hectares), or less than 1 rai for non-agricultural use.

Published : March 16, 2021