Tuesday, September 21, 2021


National Press Council issues statement after journalists injured in Saturday crackdown

After several journalists and photographers got injured during the crackdown on protesters in Sanam Luang on Saturday, Thailand’s National Press Council issued a statement calling on all parties to exercise patience and tolerance.



Saying it disagreed with all forms of violence, the council also issued a list of requests and suggestions for all relevant parties to follow:

• People have the democratic and constitutional right to hold peaceful assemblies and should be allowed to do so.

• Police should carry operations in a step-by-step manner, and clearly inform demonstrators as well as the media in advance to avoid violence and injuries.

• Journalists and photographers working in protest areas must strictly follow critical situation guidelines to avoid a possible loss of life and property.

• Agencies and media organisations must assess the situation to ensure the safety of their reporters and photographers, and use protective gear at all times.

The council also insisted that journalists and photographers must always wear the armband specifying they are from the press while on the field. However, they must also understand that this armband is not a means of defence against any party. They must also assess the situation and follow guidelines while reporting.

Published : March 21, 2021

By : The Nation