Fri, December 03, 2021


KPMG offers outsourcing solutions to companies in Thailand

Balancing books and managing taxes can become a challenge and even expensive for some companies, especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining qualified staff.

However, an alternative, long-term solution is at hand, with leading professional services provider, KPMG, offering end-to-end accounting and tax outsourcing services.

KPMG Thailand is offering these services to meet growing demand, especially from clients that are setting up a business in Thailand.

Services include company registration, tax registration, VAT, withholding, corporate income tax and personal income tax compliance, payroll, bookkeeping, accounting advice, statutory financial statements, coordination and liaison with auditors among others.

“Outsourcing brings many advantages to businesses,” said Charoen Phosamritlert, chief executive officer for KPMG in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

“It presents a much-coveted possibility for companies to focus on the core of their business as they will not need to worry about hiring full-time staff and complications that come with the need for upskilling, welfare, training and other staff benefits. They also have access to subject matter with highly skilled experts. It is a much more cost-effective solution.

“With a global network of member firms, comprehensive services, professionals with extensive experience, we are confident in providing the best service to local and multinational experts. As we see more companies turn towards outsourcing, we believe we are the clear choice as an outsourcing partner, able to assist clients in adding value through accounting and tax data and analytics, reducing time, operating costs and risk through managing accounting and tax functions,” said Abhisit Pinmaneekul, chief of the tax department at KPMG Thailand.

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Published : March 23, 2021

By : The Nation (sponsored news)