Mon, October 25, 2021


Man said to be behind tweet against Prayut’s twins answers police summons

The alleged poster of a message threatening the prime minister’s twin daughters showed up at Nang Lerng Police Station in Bangkok in response to police summons.

Wutthichai (last name withheld), 40, was summoned to acknowledge charges under the Criminal Code’s Sections 85 and 392.

Section 85 stipulates that anyone who propagates or publishes content calling on the general public to commit an offence, and if the said offence is punishable by a prison term of no less than six months, shall be liable to one-half of the punishment for such offence.

Section 392 stipulates that whoever puts a person in fear via a threat shall be punished with a prison sentence of up to one month and/or a fine of Bt1,000.

Wutthichai allegedly posted a Twitter message on March 20 reading: “If anyone sees Prayut’s daughters, don’t forget to rape them”. He apparently deleted the post soon after, but some users managed to take screenshots.

Prime Minister Prayut Cha-o-cha responded two days later, saying: “My children and family have done nothing wrong. Whoever has done this should face defamation charges.” He added that his legal team will take care of the matter.

Wutthichai was not interrogated or detained on Thursday as he reportedly willingly handed his mobile phone over to investigators to track his usage. He was allowed to leave after the meeting was over.

Published : March 25, 2021