Sat, October 23, 2021


Protester who allegedly pretended to pee on police arrested

A man whose nationality is not known was arrested on Friday for illeged indecent behaviour in a public place.


The man, identified as Sam Sa Mart, had climbed onto a container barricade during a demonstration in Bangkok on February 28 and pretended to urinate on the crowd control police,


The suspect was arrested in front of his apartment in Bangkok’s Don Muang area on Friday.


The suspect was later taken to Din Daeng Police Station where he reportedly confessed to being the person for whom an arrest warrant had been issued. He was reportedly encouraged by other demonstrators to engage in the indecent act.


Police arrested 23 demonstrators on the day and aimed to issue arrest warrants for 22 others


Sam Sa Mart was charged with taking part in an illegal gathering besides indecent behaviour in a public place.


Published : March 27, 2021