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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
Thailand ranks 82nd in Fragile States Index

Thailand ranks 82nd in Fragile States Index

WEDNESDAY, March 31, 2021
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Thailand is ranked 82nd in the latest annual Fragile States Index published by the Fund for Peace (FFP), a US-based thinktank.

Formerly known as the Failed States Index, the list measures 178 countries’ vulnerability to collapse by assessing their political, social and economic pressures.

Countries are given a score from 0-120, with 120 representing “most fragility”.

The FFP’s Fragile States Index of 2020 ranks war-torn Yemen in first place with a score of 112.4.

Next come Somalia, South Sudan and Syria.

These countries are classified as “very high alert” fragile states.

Countries with the lowest index score and classified as “highly sustainable” are led by Finland at 14.6, followed by Norway, Switzerland and Denmark.

The 2020 index ranks Thailand in 82nd place with an index score of 70.8, slightly up from its 2019 ranking at 77th place with 73.1, but still in the “elevated warning” group together with Laos, India, Brazil and Russia.

Thailand ranks 82nd in Fragile States Index

Myanmar is the most fragile state among Southeast Asia nations, with a ranking of 22nd and an index score of 94. Myanmar is in the “alert” group together with Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and North Korea. However, the index does not take into account the effect of the February 2021 military coup on Thailand’s neighbour.

Said FFP executive director JJ Messner de Latour: “There is still widespread fragility and vulnerability, plenty of poverty and inequality, and conflict and illiberalism. But broadly speaking, over the long term, the world is becoming steadily less fragile."