Sun, October 17, 2021


GPO to buy half a million Favipiravir tablets to cope with new Covid-19 wave

The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) is planning to procure an additional 500,000 tablets of Favipiravir for treatment of Covid-19 patients following a new outbreak in Bangkok since late March, which has quickly spread to several provinces.

“Currently we have 411,200 tablets in stock, while the GPO's Medical Supply Reservation and Logistics Division is planning to soon procure an additional 500,000 tablets to prepare for increasing number of patients and to ensure uninterrupted treatment of existing patients,” said Sirikul Matevelungsun, GPO deputy managing director.

Sirikul added that since the start of the week, the GPO has begun distributing Favipiravir tablets in its stock to hospitals and medical units nationwide, especially in provinces with a high number of infections.

Treatment of each Covid-19 patient requires up to 70 tablets of Favipiravir.

Published : April 13, 2021