Wed, December 01, 2021


Vaccination registration for public via Mor Phrom starts today

The Ministry of Public Health will allow the general public to register for Covid-19 vaccination via the ministry’s official group “Mor Phrom V.2” (doctors ready) from May 1.

The ministry has been providing Covid-19 vaccination to medical professionals and volunteers at high risk of infection from interacting with patients since February 28. So far, more than a million people in this group have been given the first jab and about 200,000 have already got their second jab.

The ministry aims to vaccinate 16 million people in the first batch of registration, with priority given to those who carry risks of developing severe symptoms if they contract Covid-19. They are:

1. People over 60 years of age (as of January 1, 2020).

2. People who have chronic diseases, including severe respiratory syndrome, heart and coronary diseases, kidney diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer patients under treatment, and obese patients weighing over 100kg, or having a body mass index exceeding 35.

Vaccination registration for public via Mor Phrom starts today

General public who fit in this group can register for vaccination via Mor Phrom V.2 official account on Line application from May 1. Those who do not have a smart phone can contact the hospital that has their records or the local public health office to get registered. The vaccination of this group will start on June 7.

The general public aged 18-59 years who do not fit in this group can register via the above channels from July 1, and their vaccination could start from August.

Published : May 01, 2021