Fri, December 03, 2021


Koh Lan put on lockdown for 15 days to control Covid-19 from spreading

The famous Koh Lan in Chonburi will be closed to tourists from May 5 to 20 in a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19, the Koh Lan community announced on Monday.

The community has also announced the following measures:

▪︎ Hotel and resort operators are required to ensure guests leave the island on May 4 and no bookings are taken until the situation is resolved. Tourists with Covid-19 symptoms are required to inform the authorities immediately.

▪︎ Residents are not allowed to leave the island unless absolutely necessary, while outsiders wanting to enter the island must seek permission from the Covid-19 administration centre at the pier.

▪︎ Every individual on the island must monitor their symptoms, and those with cough, fever or sore throat must contact the community's medical centre via (038) 434 144.

▪︎ Residents must avoid gatherings or outdoor activities unless absolutely necessary.

▪︎ Hawkers and stall operators from Pattaya City are not allowed to enter the island, though mail and goods can be dropped off at the pier.

▪︎ Speed boat operators have been told to suspend services, with people required to seek permission from the Covid-19 administration centre if they wish to use one. Ferry services to and from Pattaya City have been cut to twice a day – 7am and 6pm.

▪︎ Restaurants are only allowed to provide takeaway services.

▪︎ Transporting migrant workers is banned.

▪︎ Ships transporting foods and goods must not carry other passengers than delivery personnel.

▪︎ Island residents must strictly follow the guidelines as well as other related announcements by the province.

Published : May 04, 2021