Sat, October 16, 2021


UNICEF ramps up support to curb COVID-19 outbreak in Bangkok’s Klongtoey community

BANGKOK, 6 May 2021 – UNICEF is ramping up support to help curb the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Bangkok’s Klongtoey community through distributing ultra-heat treated (UHT) milk and hygiene supplies, providing critical information and guidelines as well as mobilizing community workers and volunteers to protect the most vulnerable children and families.

UNICEF is supporting Klongtoey D Jung Group of Komol Keemthong Foundation, a non-governmental organization, and other partners on the ground to establish a community response system to fight the recent outbreak in the community and help children and families access health services, child protection such as psychosocial support and counselling and other critical assistance as soon as possible. UNICEF is also mobilizing trained volunteers and hiring additional full-time community workers to help track new cases, facilitate referrals to health and child protection services and ensure timely support for affected households.

The Klongtoey community is Thailand’s largest low-income community located in central Bangkok. Comprising 43 sub-communities, it is home to some 100,000 people, most of whom work in the informal sector and lack access to hygiene and other critical supplies.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could pose lifelong consequences for children, especially the most vulnerable. Infections among children are on the rise; restriction measures are disrupting their access to health, education, welfare and protection services; family separation measures between children and caretakers infected with COVID-19 could create tension and fear and put the well-being of children at risk; and the economic impact on household incomes may severely affect children’s well-being and futures.

UNICEF will deliver more than 100,000 items of hygiene supplies including soaps, hand sanitizers, alcohol sprays, disinfectants and face masks to protect children and families as well as community workers and volunteers against COVID-19. UHT milk along with books, toys and learning materials will also be delivered to the Klongtoey community to keep young children healthy and learning during the pandemic.

Through the network of I Am UNICEF volunteer platform, UNICEF is mobilizing student volunteers to develop a series of infographics, posters, pamphlets and a community radio programme featuring self-care tips, guidelines for parents and communities as well as updates on the latest government measures to keep the Klongtoey community informed while living under COVID-19 restriction measures.

A hotline will also be set up to provide critical information to the community, such as quarantine recommendations, how to get tested for COVID-19, what to do if a person or their family member is infected and which groups are at risk of infection.

Published : May 07, 2021

By : The Nation