Sun, November 28, 2021


DITP launches safety campaign to boost global confidence in Thai tuna products

In a bid to boost confidence in canned and processed tuna from Thailand, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) has kicked off the “Thailand Delivers with Safety” campaign.

Somdet Susomboon, DITP director-general, said the market for canned and processed tuna this year is expected to hit its target of 73.84 billion baht. He said this is possible thanks to the strength and readiness of the Thai workforce and international standard manufacturing technology.

Thailand also has the advantage of its prime location for buying tuna from around the world, while Thai operators also maximise their integrated supply chain network covering ingredient sourcing, manufacturing to distribution channels in the global key markets.

Despite Thailand’s internationally recognised potential and competitive advantage in the tuna industry, the government needs to ensure the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak doesn’t hurt the export industry further.

Hence, he said, DITP is joining forces with the public and private sectors to ensure the compliance of Covid-19 Prevention Best Practices in food products among manufacturers, exporters, business operators, raw material suppliers, as well as logistics operators. Such measures will be implemented in conjunction with new strategies for the export sector, which include increasing exports to new markets with high potential and expanding the production bases to target markets for tax benefits and logistics cost reduction.

DITP launches safety campaign to boost global confidence in Thai tuna products

In line with the new safety measures, business operators and suppliers are required to comply with the following:

• Intensify efforts to reduce the risk of contamination from ingredients and containers.

• Manufacturers must implement strict quality and safety controls throughout the production line, from receiving ingredients and storing in chilled room to processing, packing, cleaning and disinfecting the interior of vehicle containers.

• Monitor personal hygiene and work environment as well as the manufacturing buildings

• Cleaning and disinfecting machinery, manufacturing buildings, floors, walls, as well as common areas.

• Monitor the personal hygiene of workers before entering the building. Also, workers would be trained to protect themselves from Covid-19 to properly prevent any contaminations during operation.

DITP launches safety campaign to boost global confidence in Thai tuna products

As for the market overview in January 2021, Thailand exported 41,447 tonnes of canned and processed tuna marking a 6.59 per cent year-on-year growth generating up to 4.92 billion baht, or 6.37 per cent expansion compared to the same period last year.

The largest importers of Thai canned and processed tuna were the United States, Egypt, Japan, Australia and Canada, altogether accounting for 64.45 per cent, while the markets with high growth rates were Argentina (268.39 per cent), Malaysia (106.41 per cent), Egypt (83.92 per cent), Lebanon (70.92 per cent) and Israel (67.37 per cent).

Published : May 13, 2021