Thu, October 28, 2021


Social security beneficiaries to get their jabs from today

Covid-19 jabs will be provided for beneficiaries of the social security scheme in Bangkok from June 7 onwards at 25 vaccination venues across the city.

The venues are listed here:

To be eligible, candidates must hold a Social Security card and should have preregistered for the jab via the Thai Ruam Jai website, which has been operating since May 27.

Before getting the vaccine, recipients are advised to:

• Get adequate sleep

• Avoid alcohol, tea or coffee

• Drink at least a litre of water

• Ensure they have no fever or other symptoms before the jab

• Avoid intensive exercise two days before and after the jab

• Wear garments that reveal top half of the arm

• Ensure the jab is administered on the non-dominant arm

• Avoid lifting heavy objects after the jab

Recipients are advised to arrive at the venue ahead of the appointed time and ensure they have their ID card. Medics will check the recipient’s blood pressure and ask relevant questions before delivering the jab. Recipients will be monitored for side effects for 30 minutes before receiving an appointment for the second jab.

Published : June 07, 2021