Mon, December 06, 2021


Man panics after records show he got 2 different vaccine brands

A man in Chiang Mai panicked after his vaccination records showed he had received Sinovac for his first dose but AstraZeneca for his second.

Adul Duangsoi, a 51-year-old camera assistant, got his first jab on May 21 and the second on June 11. He felt fatigued for few days after receiving the second jab, so he checked his vaccination documents. He was shocked to find he had been inoculated with a different brand of Covid-19 vaccine at Nakornping Hospital.

He immediately called up friends, who all told him they got two doses of Sinovac.

Concerned about possible dangers to his health, Adul on Wednesday visited the hospital to demand an explanation. A doctor there first reassured him that receiving different Covid-19 vaccines would not harm his health.

The hospital then checked records and found that Adul had in fact received two doses of Sinovac vaccine. The hospital admitted its mistake and promptly handed Adul his corrected vaccination document.

Published : June 16, 2021

By : The Nation