Fri, January 21, 2022


DDC to finish probe into deaths of 68 vaccine recipients next week

The Department of Disease Control reported on Thursday that 68 people had died after getting Covid-19 jabs.

Dr Chawetsan Namwat, director of the DDC's emergency disease and health hazards control division, said that of the 68 deaths, 13 were found to be not directly related to the vaccine, while 55 cases are still under investigation.

“After thorough diagnosis by medical experts, we found that 13 fatalities were caused by other factors,” he said. “They were: acute coronary syndrome (8 cases), immune thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (1), pulmonary embolism (1), purulent meningitis (1), intra-abdominal aneurysm (1) and brain aneurysm (1).”

The cause of death in the 55 other cases will be reported next week, he added.

“From February 28 to June 16, Thailand has given 7,003,783 doses of vaccines, nearly half of which, or 3,214,385 doses, were Sinovac vaccine,” Chawetsan said.

“Severe side-effects from the Sinovac jabs affected 993 people who had to be hospitalised due to severe, or equal to 20 persons per 100,000 doses provided.”

The common side effects of Sinovac vaccine are dizziness (20 per cent), nausea (15 per cent), headache (12 per cent), throwing up (8 per cent), rash (7 per cent), muscle ache (6 per cent), diarrhea (5 per cent) and itching (4 per cent).

“1,943,693 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine have been administered, with 472 people have been hospitalized after the jab, or equal to 24 persons per 100,000 doses provided,” he added. “The common side effects of AstraZeneca vaccine are fever (31 per cent), headache (27 per cent), dizziness (21 per cent), nausea (21 per cent), throwing up (20 per cent), muscle ache (15 per cent), fatigue (13 per cent) and diarrhea (7 per cent).”

Published : June 18, 2021