Fri, June 24, 2022


Facebook user sheds light on jacked-up cab fares in Phuket

A foreign traveller’s Facebook post about taxi fares in Phuket being jacked up went viral on Monday after it was shared by another Facebook user Nattakorn Ruengroj.

“The first batch of tourists are actors and actresses who will help promote tourism in the province. How will it help if the taxi fares are high?” Nattakorn asked.

He also called on the government to take immediate steps to tackle this issue before Phuket’s reputation is ruined.

In the original post, a foreigner said a hotel in the Patong area wanted to charge him 900 baht for a transfer from the airport.

“I know in the past I have not paid that much to get to Patong, the same hotel, and I see some people are paying 700 baht through their hotel,” the tourist said.

The Phuket Provincial Transport Office said the hotel in question has brought its transfer charges down to about 700 baht now. The office added that the traveller is scheduled to land in Phuket on July 14.

“The office has told taxi operators to reduce their fares in a bid to maintain the province’s reputation,” the transport office said.


It has also said that travellers can call a taxi via the Hello Phuket app as the 675 cabs registered in the app charge fares in line with the Transport Ministry’s regulations.

Published : July 05, 2021

By : The Nation