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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Stay in, stay safe, pleads doctor as Thailand’s Covid cases continue to soar

Stay in, stay safe, pleads doctor as Thailand’s Covid cases continue to soar

TUESDAY, July 27, 2021

A doctor in Tak’s Mae Sot district expressed her frustration at the current situation, saying frontline medics are under too much stress and depressed over the soaring infections and deaths.

“More and more Myanmar workers are found infected in factories. Some are already in a severe condition, while some have died in their homes.

Thais aged below 40 need ICU beds, while some seniors die at home. This is a tragedy nobody wants to happen,” she wrote in the “Story of Border Doctors” Facebook page on Tuesday.

The page administrator also said medics on the frontline were facing stress disorder and depression. Yet they need to motivate each other and if they have tears in their eyes, they must wipe away those tears and face the world.

“There are over 100 new cases today and some 15 are queuing for respirators due to severe pneumonia,” she added.

To add to their troubles, the Moei River is overflowing, she said.

“Everyone is tired, and resources are almost used up. The best way is to not be infected with Covid-19. The number of patients is not decreasing and this shows our preventive policy is not good enough. This disease is deadly, and fatalities are rising, and will continue rising. Medical personnel cannot save everyone. To tell the truth, I’m really exhausted,” the post read.