Sun, September 26, 2021


Heartbroken Facebook user posts letter from pregnant wife who died of Covid

Netizens across Thailand were saddened after a grief-stricken Facebook user posted a letter written by his pregnant wife before she died from Covid-19 on Monday. They had been married for just three months.



The heartbreaking message read: “To my dear James [the nickname of the poster], if I don’t survive from Covid-19, I apologise to you in advance since I cannot give you the opportunity to see your child’s face. I will raise the child myself [in my next life]. I want you to live well, and just think of me and our child at times. If you decide to have a new family, please choose a good bride. You must continue your life. I expect to meet you again in the next life with our child.”

The wife added that she had already transferred ownership of her car to James. She also urged him to take care of her mother, especially during this initial period of her passing away.

James added the words “I love you” to his post of the letter.

The post on Tuesday has grabbed widespread attention on social media, with 100,000 shares as of Wednesday morning and more than 15,000 comments, many from heavy-hearted netizens.

Published : August 04, 2021

By : The Nation