Thursday, September 16, 2021


Nurse declared dead on social media proves she is very much alive

A nurse surfaced on Thursday to prove she is alive despite online reports declaring she had died from attending to Covid-19 patients for seven consecutive days.



News of her so-called death went viral until she proved it was fake on her Facebook page after hearing about it from a friend.

In her post, the nurse said she had been sleeping well and has not treated a single Covid-19 patient so far.

She also said in the post that she had found the Facebook page that launched the fake news and called on people to stop sharing it.

The nurse later posted a photograph of herself outside a police station. In the post, she said that images of her in her nurse’s uniform have also been used on pornography websites and dating apps.

She posted a third Facebook message saying she was very much alive and had not been infected with Covid-19. She added that news about her so-called death was being widely shared on social media.

Published : August 05, 2021

By : The Nation