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TUESDAY, September 27, 2022
Army condemns protesters for defacing Victory Monument

Army condemns protesters for defacing Victory Monument

MONDAY, August 09, 2021

Defence Ministry spokesman Lt-General Kongcheep Tantrawanit on Monday condemned anti-government protestors for defacing the name plaque at the base of Victory Monument in Bangkok on Saturday.

Demonstrators gathered at Victory Monument in Ratchathewi district with a plan to march to the 11th Infantry Regiment, where Prime Minister Prayut resides, to demand his resignation. However, police blocked the route with stacked containers and barbed wire. Anti-riot officers then fired tear gas at protesters on Din Daeng intersection at 3.30pm as the demonstrators attempted to march down Vibhavadi Road. At 5.30pm, police pushed them back to Victory Monument using water cannon, and the protesters called off their rally shortly after.

Army condemns protesters for defacing Victory Monument

“It is completely unacceptable for protesters to use spray paint to graffiti the plaque, which inscribes the names of 801 soldiers, police officers and civilians who died protecting the country in many different conflicts, including the Indochina War, World War II and the Korean War,” said Kongcheep. “This monument was erected in 1942 and has since carried historical importance as well as sentimental value for all Thais.”

“The families of those who died in the battlefields, as well as veterans who were injured in those wars, will not tolerate the action of these protesters,” he added.