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THURSDAY, February 09, 2023
Chula vaccine very effective, claims volunteer after being in high-risk situation

Chula vaccine very effective, claims volunteer after being in high-risk situation

FRIDAY, August 13, 2021

A vaccine volunteer says that the locally made ChulaCov-19 vaccine is highly effective in preventing Covid-19 infection even in high-risk situations, while sharing his experience on social media.

Facebook user Sukrit Terapanyarat, who claimed to have been a volunteer in the human trial phase of Thailand’s first mRNA vaccine “ChulaCov-19” posted his observations on Thursday.

ChulaCov19 is an mRNA vaccine developed by the Faculty of Medicine at Chulalongkorn University in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Professor Drew Weissman, the world-renowned scientist who invented the technology.

The tests on humans come after successful trials on monkeys and rats. The first phase human trial started on June 14.

“I received two doses of the vaccine at 25 micrograms per dose three weeks apart,” Sukrit said. “After the first dose on June 24, I had mild side-effects, such as headache and fatigue, but no fever, for a few days. After receiving the second dose on July 15, the headache was much worse than after the first dose and I had low fever, which lasted for up to four days.”

Sukrit added that about a week after he received the second dose, his father took a rapid antigen test and found that he was infected. Two of his work colleagues at the office also tested positive in the same week. “This placed me in a high-risk group, as I have been living in the same environment as the infected persons,” he added.

Sukrit said he took his father to a hospital on July 29 when his symptoms worsened. “I was in a high-risk position again as I was wearing only face mask and gloves while helping my father to the hospital,” he said.

“After that day, I remained in isolation for 12 days to monitor the symptoms. Then I took a rapid antigen test and found that I did not have Covid-19.”

Sukrit concluded that the ChualCov-19 vaccine was highly effective even in high-risk situations. “Although the vaccine is effective, it is still recommended to wear face mask and maintain social distancing to protect yourself,” he added.

Chulalongkorn University expected the vaccine to be ready for use by the first or second quarter of 2022.