Fri, September 24, 2021


Many people in dark-red zones do not mask up properly, survey finds

The Department of Health said on Wednesday that up to 26.8 per cent of people in dark-red zones have been found to either shun masks or wear them incorrectly.



A survey of 6,087 people from July 19 to August 20 learned that:
• 98.1 per cent always wore a mask in public
• 94.3 per cent washed their hands regularly
• 91.7 per cent maintained social distancing
• 91 per cent checked their temperature upon entering a public building
• 64.4 per cent used the ThaiChana app to record their movements

The survey also learned that 73.2 per cent of people in dark-red zones wore their masks correctly, while 26.8 per cent did not.

Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai, the department’s director-general, said the virus can spread quickly through small liquid particles, which can come from snot or saliva when someone coughs or sneezes. However, this risk can be significantly reduced if everyone wears a mask and wears it correctly, he said.

The mask must fit the face and cover the nose, mouth and chin. People should wear a mask when they go outside or do activities with other family members, especially the elderly and bedridden patients.

Published : August 26, 2021