Wed, June 29, 2022


Police nab one of two suspected robbers on the run

One of two robbery suspects who made a slick escape from police custody in Chanthaburi last week was arrested on Wednesday.

The two wily suspects, who were held at Makham Police Station on August 27, grabbed the opportunity to make good their escape when an officer monitoring them left his station for a short toilet break.

The suspects were identified as Narin Ronnachit, 35, and Wichit Hinkao, 35.

According to police, the suspects allegedly stole motorcycles and dashed off to Rayong. They returned later to Chanthaburi, where Narin met with an accident.

Undeterred, he allegedly pinched another motorcycle before being nabbed around 2pm on Wednesday.

Police are now searching for Wichit.


Published : September 02, 2021