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South Korean embassy to deliver happiness bags to Korean War veterans in Thailand

The embassy of South Koreans is preparing "Happy bags", a safety and food kit for the Covid-19 era, and deliver it to 66 living Korean War veterans and their families in Thailand.

The project, named "Happy Bag For Our Heroes", will be from September 6 to October 12, and covers six provinces: Bangkok, Chonburi, Ayutthaya, Chachoengsao, Prachinburi and Satthahip.

The embassy said it has organised various events for Korean war veterans in Thailand every year, such as the annual testimonial dinner. However most of these events have been cancelled due to Covid-19. Therefore, the embassy said it decided to visit each house of war veterans, as most of them are around 90 years old, who have difficulties in buying goods and foods by themselves.

The embassy put the necessaries of life -- rice, canned food, masks, etc. - and health foods like Korean red ginseng extract in the "Happy bag".

The Korean Cultural Centre in Thailand also prepared healthy Korean foods such as kimchi and samgyetang (Korean chicken soup with ginseng) for each family, and the Korea Veterans Association in Thailand supported hand sanitisers.

South Korean embassy to deliver happiness bags to Korean War veterans in Thailand

Once the embassy visits each house, the delivery will be done in front of the house, not inside, to avoid unnecessary contact and to comply with the Covid-19 guidelines, the embassy said.

In addition, some families will be awarded a scholarship during this project, depending on their environment. The embassy said it has supported not only war veterans, but their descendants by awarding scholarship, or providing Korean language and taekwondo education hosted by KCC Thailand.

Colonel Kim Kyoung-Youl, Defense Attaché of the embassy said, "We would like to give practical help to our heroes by visiting their homes, as we may cancel or delay various events for them this year".

The embassy said it would continually support the Korean War veterans in Thailand to express gratitude for their sacrifices for Koreans.

Published : September 10, 2021