Members of volunteer defence corps arrested for allegedly stealing 65 state guns


Police in Sa Kaeo province on Monday said that three suspects allegedly involved in stealing 65 guns from the armoury of Muang Sa Kaeo District Office earlier in May had been arrested.

Two of the suspects -- Weeraphan Nakphitak, 36 a Lek Khamneung, 40 -- are members of the Sa Kaeo Volunteer Defence Corps who work in the District Office building. They allegedly stole the guns and sold them to the third suspect -- Ekachai Sukkate, 40 -- who is a local from Sa Kaeo’s Watthana Nakhon district.

They were initially charged with stealing from a government building, receiving stolen goods and possessing firearms without licence. Officials are investigating the suspects to uncover possible accomplices of the operation.

According to a news source, suspects reportedly admitted that they had stolen and sold the guns, which comprise pistols and shotguns for 21 times before they were caught.