Sat, October 16, 2021


Trip to the moon in Udon Thani also pays off

After Khon Kaen’s “walking on the moon” TikTok clip won an almost immediate response from provincial authorities, a local in Udon Thani decided to take the same steps.

Earlier this month, a resident of Khon Kaen’s Kranuan district had dressed up as an astronaut and pretended the bumpy Huai Jot-Nong No Road was the surface of the moon.

The clip went viral and caught the attention of local authorities.

Inspired by this clip, a resident in Udon Thani’s Chaiyawan district did the same on a road filled with bumps and potholes.

As expected, the clip caught the officials’ attention and they announced the road will be fixed soon.


Published : September 20, 2021