Wed, October 27, 2021


Police launch manhunt for Thursday morning arsonists

Police are collecting evidence to take legal action against a motorcycle gang that has allegedly destroyed police booths across the capital.

The move came after CCTV captured images of a group of motorcyclists setting fire to police booths in many areas of the capital between 2am and 4am on Thursday. The areas included Saphan Khwai, Pradipat, Uruphong and Mitsampan intersections.

The police suspect the arsonists may hail from the pro-democracy Thalugaz group, which has promised to cause chaos in the capital.

Members of the group are believed to live near Din Daeng intersection in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district, where protesters have clashed with riot police almost every night over the past few weeks.

The Thalugaz is a hardcore group of purportedly working-class youngsters who have disavowed the non-violent tactics of other protest groups.

Police have hit back with tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and snatch squads, in what has been criticised as an undisciplined and disproportionate response.

Published : September 23, 2021