Wed, October 27, 2021


Education Ministry panel to check every novel, comic book for misleading content

The Education Ministry on Tuesday set up a team to check all novels and comic books to ensure the content does not cause confusion among youngsters.

This move was made after a social-media post pointing out that novels with distorted content were being sold to children aged five and above, the deputy education minister’s spokesperson Darunwan Chanpipattanachai said.

She added that the minister was deeply concerned about youngsters being misinformed and believes children should have the liberty to access correct information.

“Publishers, however, should not intentionally provide distorted information or create conflicts and hatred in Thai society. So, we want to tell those people who have such intentions to stop it,” she said.

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She added that the working team will cooperate with the security affairs division in the investigation.

“The working team will appoint related agencies to take legal action against companies that publish novels and comic books that contain distorted content,” she added.

Published : September 29, 2021