Sat, October 23, 2021


Thai Government hasnt yet lose in Akara gold mining case, say DPIM

Department of Primary Industries and Mines (DPIM), Ministry of Industry asks for cooperation to stop spreading false rumours that the Thai state loses in Akara Gold Mining Case.

Niran Yingmahisaranon, Director-General, addressed the rumour on social media, saying Thailand loses gold mining case with approximately 70 billion baht payment, is false information.

Dispute Resolution between Thailand and Kingsgate Consolidated Limited, Australia Major shareholder of Akara Resources Public Company Limited, holder of gold mining concession certificate in Phichit and Phetchabun Provinces are now still in the arbitration process and no final verdict has yet been issued.


The two parties are in the process of negotiating to find a mutual settlement. This is a normal process that runs parallel to the arbitration process, said Niran.


“The online community has repeatedly spread false information and false rumors about the dispute between Thailand and Kingsgate. It was a process that deliberately spreads false news to confuse the public. I would like to ask for the cooperation of the people or those who are interested in the progress of dispute resolution between Thailand and Kingsgate to follow government communication channels,” said Niran.

Published : October 03, 2021