Tue, October 26, 2021


Covid cluster at Si Sa Ket police station

A Covid-19 cluster has emerged at Si Sa Ket’s Nam Klieng police station, with as many as 51 out of 60 officers testing positive for the dreaded virus, the provincial public health office announced on Wednesday.

Si Sa Ket provincial public health doctor revealed the cluster case of Nam Klieng provincial police station on Wednesday. A large number of officers were infected, after one officer at the station had felt sick and was tested positive for Covid-19 infection on Sunday.

A total of 51 police officers were found with the infection, out of 60 entire officers at the station, while the remaining nine are required for quarantine and have to be retested for the virus.

“The officials are investigating the timeline of each officer for any risky activities, such as catching criminals or patrolling in communities. The family of these officers will be required for the virus test as well,” said the provincial public health doctor.

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Published : October 06, 2021