Sat, December 04, 2021


New fares set for app-based ride-hailing services

The Royal Gazette website on Friday published a new set of fees for app-based ride-hailing services effective immediately.

According to the new rules set by the Transport Ministry, fares for small cars will start at 40-45 baht for the first two kilometres, after which the cost is between 6 and 10 baht per kilometre.

The starting fare for medium cars is 45-50 baht for the first two kilometres and 7-12 baht for every kilometre after that.

Fares for larger vehicles start at 100 to 10 baht for the first two kilometres and 12-16 baht for each kilometre after that.

The announcement covers vehicles that have been registered with the Department of Land Transport to provide ride-hailing services via an electronic channel.

The service fee for calling a ride via an app starts at 20 baht, but if a cab is called during rush hour when few vehicles are available, then the calling fee can rise up to as much as 200 baht. The application will calculate the fare plus calling fees in advance so passengers can choose whether to go ahead with the booking.

This means a 2km ride on a taxi called via an app can cost 60 baht – 20 baht calling fees plus 40 baht initial fare.

Published : November 13, 2021