Mon, December 06, 2021


Moonlight to obscure meteor shower: Astronomical Institute

Stargazers are going to be downhearted: the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) took to Facebook to say that the Leonids meteor shower from Wednesday night to dawn on Thursday will unfortunately not be visible because it will be disturbed or obscured by the moonlight.

NARIT revealed the Leonids meteor shower yield about 10 visible meteors each hour. However, it is a nearly full moon this year. The moon will rise early in the evening until 4 am.

The Leonids meteor shower is caused by the debris of the 55P Tempel-Tuttle comet that is left in the orbit. The debris enters the atmosphere and burns like a fireball
NARIT added that there will be a Geminid meteor shower from midnight of December 13 to the dawn of December 14 but it will also be disturbed by the moonlight. The moon will set after midnight on December 13. Those who are interested will have to observe from 1.30 am until dawn.


Moonlight to obscure meteor shower: Astronomical Institute

Published : November 17, 2021