Planning to visit Thailand? Here’s what you need to know


If you’re a foreigner planning to visit Thailand, you are required to prepare these documents before you apply for entry and on arrival:

  • A flight booking document.
  • A certificate of vaccination (fully vaccinated) with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before you travel.
  • Those previously infected within three months must have received one dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travel.
  • A medical certificate with a RT-PCR lab result indicating that Covid-19 is not detected. The certificate must be issued no more than 72 hours before you travel.
  • Confirmed payment/booking for SHA+ hotel/accommodation.
  • Covid-19 travel insurance with coverage of not less than US$50,000.
  • A Certificate of Entry (COE) or Thailand Pass.
  • Thailand Plus Application on your mobile phone.
  • A T8 health form.

A list of SHA, SHA+ or SHA Extra+ hotels and establishments across Thailand can be found here:

The Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration, or SHA, is a safety symbol for the tourism sector assessed according to strict Public Health Ministry standards.

SHA is a sign that the establishment complies with certain health conditions, such as having a temperature checkpoint at the entrance, ensuring customers or guests maintain all-important social distancing and wear masks, undertaking regular cleaning, providing alcohol hand-washing gel, etc.

The SHA+ sign proves that establishments are Covid-free while more than 70 per cent of their staff have been vaccinated.

As for SHA Extra+ hotels or accommodations, the symbol means that the establishment has paired up with a hospital to offer medical treatment in case of any virus infections.

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