Wed, May 18, 2022


No Thai will pay for alternative Covid-19 vaccine, rules administrative court

The Administrative Court of Thailand on Friday temporarily suspended the Public Health Ministry’s order that people will have to pay if they want to opt for alternative Covid-19 vaccines.

The order also said that patients who develop an allergy or a Covid-19 infection after getting these shots will not be provided with free treatment at government hospitals.

The court ruled that this order is discriminatory and unconstitutional because every Thai citizen is entitled to treatment under universal health coverage. It has temporarily suspended the order and will issue an official verdict later.

The ruling will offer the following benefits to citizens:

• Every citizen with a Covid-19 infection or allergic reaction to the vaccine must be treated at public hospitals free of charge. Citizens should also not be required to buy insurance to treat allergic reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine.

• No law authorises the Public Health Ministry to insist citizens pay for alternative vaccines themselves. This order may be illegal and people have the right to be reimbursed.

Published : December 17, 2021