Fri, May 20, 2022


70 illegal Myanmar jobseekers nabbed in Tak province

An Army task-force unit tracked down 70 Myanmar nationals who had sneaked across the border into Tak province to seek jobs in Thailand.

Members of the Naresuan Taskforce found 27 men and 43 women hiding in a forest near Ban Pha Phueng village in Wang Chao district’s tambon Chiangthong at around 10pm on Sunday. This was after locals alerted police of the presence of an unknown group of people in the area.

When the group failed to show any valid documents, they were taken to Wang Chao Police Station, where they underwent rapid antigen tests for Covid-19. They will be charged before being deported.

The Myanmar nationals said they had each paid 25,000 baht to a broker who helped them cross over from Myawaddy to Tak, where they were waiting for a Thai broker to pick them up and take them to Bangkok and other provinces for employment.

70 illegal Myanmar jobseekers nabbed in Tak province A soldier said the migrants had sneaked across the border in Phop Phra district and walked to Ban Pha Phueng to wait for the Thai broker to show up.

Published : January 17, 2022