Tue, July 05, 2022


Majority of Thais want to elect their provincial governors: poll

Residents of provinces around the country want the same right as Bangkokians to vote for their provincial governors, according to a poll conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida).

The poll was conducted on April 18-20 among 1,320 voters from different educational and occupational backgrounds living outside Bangkok.

Respondents were asked if they wanted to choose their provincial governors:

– 66.14 per cent were strongly in favour

– 18.64 per cent were moderately in favour

– 10.07 per cent were strongly against

– 3.79 per cent were moderately against

– 1.36 per cent said they don't care

Respondents were also asked whether development was different in provinces where governors are elected, not appointed:

– 57.80 per cent said totally different

– 27.05 per cent said moderately different

– 8.71 per cent said not different at all

– 5.91 per cent said there was little difference

– 0.53 per cent said they were not sure

Of the respondents, 28.41 per cent lived in Central region, 19.62 per cent in the North, 37.05 per cent in the Northeast and 14.92 per cent in the South.

Separately, respondents in a Nida poll released last Sunday (April 17) said candidates' policies will be the key factor in determining who wins the Bangkok governor election on May 22.

Published : April 24, 2022