Thu, August 11, 2022


People free to grow marijuana and hemp from June 9

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clarified on Thursday that people would be free to grow marijuana and hemp after a directive from the Public Health Ministry takes effect on June 9.

Dr Withit Saritdeechaikul, deputy FDA secretary-general, was referring to the directive of the Public Health Ministry to delist ganja (marijuana) and hemp from the list of Category 5 narcotics.

Withit said once the directive takes effect, no part of ganja and hemp, except extracted substance with more than 2 per cent of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), would be regarded as narcotics.

As a result, people can grow hemp and ganja without having to seek permission. They are required only to inform the number of ganja or hemp plants they are growing to the FDA via an app called “Pluke Gan” or “growing ganja”, Withit added.

The same rules will be applied to those wanting to grow hemp and marijuana for commercial purposes, Withit said.

People free to grow marijuana and hemp from June 9 But the FDA deputy chief said people who want to import seeds or other parts of hemp and ganja will have to seek permission in accordance with the provisions of the Plant Variety Act BE 2518 (1975) and Plant Quarantine Act BE 2507 (1964).

He noted that the import of food products with substance from hemp and marijuana will have to based on the law on air travel and international parcels.

He added that the FDA is still drafting its regulations on the prohibition of herbal products made with hemp and ganja and exceptional cases.

The regulations will be aimed at promoting local growers and manufacturers of herbs, Withit said, adding that the FDA would have to revise seven regulations on the issue.

Published : May 19, 2022